PANLEGAL WORLD is an online legal directory that aims at bringing together lawyers, law firms and clients in more than 50 jurisdictions around the world. In addition, among our main objectives is to enhance the communication among law firms, lawyers, clients and business associates in different geographical areas. Among others, the legal directory of PANLEGAL WORLD facilitates the search for lawyers and lawyers in the following geographical areas:

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PANLEGAL WORLD, realising the power of the Internet in networking between individuals and professional from different parts of the world, regardless of time and space, developed a user-friendly legal directory that further enables the communication between lawyers, law firms, clients and business associates. The search platform of PANLEGAL WORLD enables users to look for lawyers and law firms in different areas.  Apart from enhancing the communication and networking between lawyers, law firms, clients and business associates, PANLEGAL WORLD focuses on providing information about a wide-variety of legal topics through articles, newsletters and publication.

PANLEGAL WORLD enables lawyers and law firms to advertise their services, network and find clients. Moreover, we provide lawyers and law firms the opportunity to join our team of legal experts. By joining the team of legal experts, you have a range of benefits, such as publishing legal articles, promoting the publications of your firm and establishing your online brand. If you wish to join our team of experts, please click here.

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Main Practice Areas:

  • ADR
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  • Criminal Law
  • Divorce
  • Employment Law
  • Estate Planning
  • Family Law
  • Immigration
  • International
  • Intellectual Property
  • Litigation
  • Shipping and Maritime Security
  • Personal Injury
  • Taxation