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Getting new clients and maintaining strong relations with current clients are two features of successful law firms. That is to say, apart from a thorough knowledge of the law, lawyers should develop their marketing skills as legal marketing assists law firms to connect with potential new clients and reinforce their relations with current clients. In addition to this, legal marketing may enable law firms and lawyers to find business associates and expand their business in different geographical areas.

In this post, the team of Panlegalworld will highlight 5+1 online marketing tips. In the era of web 2.0, online presence is a core element that should be taken into consideration when designing your marketing strategy.

1. Define your target audience:
Before designing your marketing strategy, it is important to define your target audience. In other words, the people you would like to approach, as well as, the geographical area you would like to expand your business activities. The determination of the target audience marks a starting point for your marketing strategy online and offline.

2. Advertise on international legal directories:
Promoting your legal services through international legal directories may assist you to connect with potential new clients in different jurisdictions. In addition, promoting your legal services through international legal directories will increase the visibility of your law firm worldwide. It could be argued that investing on advertising on international legal directories may contribute to optimise the profitability of your law firm.

3. Produce quality content:
Writing articles about various legal topics may increase the number of unique visits and clicks on your website. Legal articles should be brief, concise and straight to the point. Furthermore, it is not recommended to use complex legal jargon as complicated legal terms may discourage readers to read your articles.

4. Social Media presence:
Nowadays, online and offline reality co-exist as almost everybody spend time and interact on social networking platforms. Social media can be an effective and relatively inexpensive marketing tool. Social media enable lawyers to interact and chat with new and current clients regardless of time and space. Nevertheless, it should be taken into account that each social networking platform has its own communication norms. For example, Facebook has different communication patterns from Twitter. Therefore, you should follow the communication rules of each social networking platform.

5. Use relevant pictures:
It is widely said that a picture is worth a thousand words. In other words, a single picture may portray and describe complex concepts. Therefore, it is recommended to use pictures on your social media channels in order to increase engagement.

As it has been mentioned before, people spend time on social networking platforms. As a result, many individuals may send their request online (social media, email, legal directories, website, etc.). Consequently, it is important to respond to their requests as soon as possible so that to establish a strong lawyer-client relationship.

Legal marketing is vital:
Obviously, legal marketing is an essential element of business success. In other words, promoting your legal services effectively and efficiently may assist you to contact potential clients and business associates. As a result, legal marketing is essential for lawyers and law firms.

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